Friday, August 4, 2017

Freshen Your Décor with New Custom Upholstery

One of the best ways to show your style is with custom upholstery and furniture. You can create the perfect statement chair or the sofa that fits your style. In addition to fabric, you can choose arm styles, leg styles, and pillow styles that make a piece uniquely yours.

Choose Your Fabric Based on Style and Function

There’s more to choosing a fabric than color or pattern, although that is important. Some bold colors can take over a room and should be used in moderation. However, they often make great accent colors, and when used on a statement piece, can elevate the entire room.

huntington house furniture at Baers

Once you have a few thoughts about the colors you’d like to use, you can narrow down your upholstery options. This Traditional Wing Back Accent Chair from Huntington House features a bold print that pulls in the blues and beiges of the room’s décor and adds bolder blues and gold to liven it up. However, if you want a more subtle effect, you can choose a geometric print in two complementary colors and create a different, but just as stunning look.

If you are having trouble finding what you want, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a design professional. Bring in some inspirational photographs to demonstrate what you are looking for.

When choosing your fabric, it’s important to consider where the piece will be used. For instance, if you are choosing a statement chair to freshen your room’s décor, consider how much use the chair will get. Is it merely decorative? Or do you anticipate putting it in a reading nook or bedroom where it will get a lot of use? Fabric on decorative chairs probably won’t get too much wear and tear, while those in high traffic areas will probably need upholstery that is easy to maintain.

Also, consider texture since you’ll probably be looking at and sitting on the chair or sofa for a while. The texture of the upholstery should both fit in with your room design and feel comfortable when you sit or lie on it. Good design isn’t just about looks, it is also about function. Don’t hesitate to keep looking until you find your perfect match.

custom furniture at Baers
After you’ve chosen your fabric, you can choose arm, cushion, and feet style. Options for the Conversational Sofa by Huntington House include a panel arm, pleated arm, English arm, track arm, modern track arm, or padded track arm. You can also choose from base selections that include a skirted base, block leg, bun foot, or upholstered base. Pillow options are bed pillow back, box border back, knife edge back, and modern box border back. Each option has characteristics of a certain period or look, but there are no hard and fast rules. It’s really what you like best. In the end, you’ll have a unique piece that reflects your taste and style, and fits perfectly in your home.

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