Monday, June 13, 2016

Shades of Gray in Bedroom Decor: From Eclectic to All-Out Glamorous

Shades of gray have been utilized in design long enough now to qualify as more than a passing trend. Gray in the bedroom is quickly becoming a classic color combination. It’s usually associated with moody dramatic style of classic minimalism. And while it does work well for those types of looks, gray also has a softer side that is not just soothing, but also strikingly beautiful in a bedroom. Take a look at this cool, gray bedroom highlighting the Playlist Collection by Universal Furniture.

gray queen bed from the Playlist Collection

Classic Elegance in the Bedroom

An example of classy elegance, the bedroom above shows off the understated power of a palette limited to gray and white. The warmth of alternating oak grain patterns on the Playlist Melody Queen Bed by Universal Furniture makes the gray on the bedding and windows work. A cooler gray wouldn’t harmonize as well with the warm tones on the bed and balance the white in the room.

Pretty but Not Pink

Gray is a great choice for a masculine bedroom, but it also has a pretty side. There’s just enough gray in the curtains to contrast with the pure white on the walls. The dark gray bedding dilutes any chill created by the cool silver window treatments, making the space feminine without a trace of a bow, ruffles, or pink. When transitional and modern elements mix with contemporary gray, the effect is a glamorous space oozing with elegance.

gray chest from Baer's Furniture

All That Glitters: Add Gold Accents

Adding touches of gold to an otherwise gray and white bedroom gives you a rich, luxurious look that is opulent but not ostentatious. Keeping things under control is the key to working with metal d├ęcor, here a few gold accessories pick up the metal drawer knobs on the Playlist Chest by Universal Furniture to amplify the style in this bedroom. The wall of windows behind the bed bring in light that really adds the “Wow!” factor.

If you’ve written gray off as too cold, too futuristic, or too gloomy, it may be time to give gray another shot. Getting gray right can be tricky: it can be cool or warm and can evoke many different feelings that can have a huge impact on the mood of a room. If you are interested in designing a room with shades of gray, contact a Baer’s design professional and take advantage of the complementary design service from Baer’s Furniture.

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