Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Baer's Furniture Announces Round of Corporate Promotions

Baer's Furniture is excited to congratulate the Baer family on changes in corporate structure, following an announcement by chairman of the board Robert Baer.

Baer's Furniture corporate changes
From left, David Baer, Ronald Baer, Ira Baer, Cathy Baer Haubenstock, Jerome Baer, Laurance Baer, Danielle Baer, and Michael Baer

The family-owned and operated business has elevated several of its family members to executive positions within the corporation, including:

  • Jerome Baer, President and CEO
  • Allan Baer, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Ronald Baer, Executive Vice President and COO
  • Cathy Baer Haubenstock, Senior Vice President
  • Laurance Baer, Senior Vice President
  • Ira Baer, Senior Vice President and CFO
  • Danielle Baer, Vice President
  • David Baer, Vice President
Michael Baer has chosen to retire this year.

CEO Jerome Baer announced plans to expand the Baer's Furniture brand further into Florida markets in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Dade County.

Baer's Furniture is a BBB A+ rated company operating 16 stores in the South Florida area.

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